Lab Rats Commando App Activates

Lab Rats Commando App Activates

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Trent is the captain of Mission Creek High School's football team. He was first seen in the episode Commando App, where he tried to beat up Chase and the gang for stealing the football team's table. Chase then turned into Spike, which is what Davenport calls Chase when he goes into Commando Mode, and scared the football team away. He also appeared as a basketball player, (Air Leo), Trent and Leo face each other in a one-on-one basketball game. Prior to the game, he steals the hi-tech gravity boots Leo intended to use to beat Trent. He appears to be winning with them, until Chase messes with the boot's signal. He still wins in the end, and still behaves obnoxiously. He may be set to appear in a future episode of season 2, possibly recievin a come-uppance for his bullying


He is obnoxiously and is very respected and well in trash talk ex.ooooooooo look a spill i think im gonna wipe it up with your face.-to Chase.But acts tuff like when Spike puding cuped him hes voice was a little softer and you could see fear and made up an excuse.

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