Its a fanfiction timeskip between season 1 and season 2  its kinda like season three but between at the ending at the last episode of season three no going back when davenport  loses all of his money its kinda like the future that future leo showed in episode back from the future.

Its the year 2016 and its between season 2 and season three beacuse in the last episode of season 2 " No going back" Davenport loses all of his money and loses his house its the continuing everbody is split up.

  • Davenport is a car salesman and owns a "Davenport speed and wheels,
  • Leo is a teacher at mission creek high(Math)
  • Adam is a courterback on a football team (Philadelphia)
  • Chase is a CEO of his own industry called"Chase the dream technology"
  • Bree is a dance teacher at her dance club
  • Tasha is a talkshow host on channel 6 called "Morning mania with Tasha dooley".And lives with her new husband michael in their house.
  • Michael is Tasha's new husband. 


This is like a season between season 2 and 3 and features a timeskip its 2016 its a continuing at the  end of sesaon 2 when Davenport loses all his money and adam,bree and Chase are taken away by the FBI when they are released out of custody by 3 years they go their seperate way and do not have anything to do with each other but are broought back together by a shocking event they start to have memories about the old times and get back together Tasha leaves her husband and beacuse all of them are minors they have care of them once again.This is like a side story line and features about 5-10 episodes.After the Timeskip its all back good the house is back Michael is gone and everything is back to what it was.