The Original Clones (Sometimes The Originals ) are the first clones created even before Adam,Bree and Chase.Beacuse Allen was a "theory clone" of Adam and so were the other "Theory clones".They where created so if Adam bree and chase would turn against Douglas if they knew what he was going to use them.They are stronger than Adam Bree and Chase.They are all as the same age as Donald and Douglas.They are teh strongest bionics introduced on the show even stronger than the greates hunter Grant.

The Original Clones

Douglas created The original Clones before adam bree and Chase.And Allen Davenport was a theory clone not even treated to be Adam's clone only a designed theory to see how they would end out.But beacuse he hadn't had all of adam's abilities and he sided with them his plan backfired and Bree and Chase's theory clone's died he now left so he wasn't seen in any episode.And the where the only clones of Adam bree and Chase.The are the only known clones for know.   


Aaron:Is Adam's clone and the oldest of the original's.He is also the strongest meaning  he could kill Adam.

Becca:She is Bree's clone and the second oldest to her sibling Aaron.She could kill bree the first chance he got.

Callen:He is the third oldest ( the youngest).But still stronger than Adam Bree and Chase put together 2x.He could of kill Chase.

Special Powers

The are the strongest of Clones (And the first).But one bionic ability made them stand out.

  • Bionic Healing:(Sometimes called Bionic Ressurection).They even if killed (Example when Callen fell of a platform anyone eveen normal bionics could have died he had his eyes closed and was like dead but then he opened his eyes cleaned his shirt and went up there and thrown Chase against the wall dangeling him from the platform and saying "Now is your turn but i think you aren't going to make it".)