This is the first episode in the Timeskip storyline.


This is the next episode of "No going back" in no going back Davenport loses all of his money and the lab rats get taken away by the FBI in this episode they take away Donalds house Tasha in disapointment leaves and Donald shuts down davenport industries Tasha gets married to michael her new husband its 3 years after that Adam,Bree and Chase get out of custody and go their seperate ways Adam is a football player Bree a dance instructor Chase a CEO and Leo a high school teacher Tasha a morning talk show host and Donald a car salesman. 


[1]  as Chase davenport

[2]  as Bree davenport

[3]  as Adam davenport [4]  as Donald davenport

[5]  as Tasha davenport

[6] as Leo dooley

New castEdit

[7]  as Michael Hannington