"If Adam gets jealous of anyone or anything his Commando app kicks in and he becomes his alter ego i like to call Mike.Its kinda like a payback system except he changes personality.If I were to bescribe Mike it would be:a giant living walking nuclear bomb that when explodes splatters jealous and payback everywhere with superhuman strength"-mr davenport on Mike     Mike is the name of Adams alterante personality when his Commando app activates.  


Mike is arrogant,rude,cocky guy standing at six foot five.He threatens anyone that he is jealous and hurts and threatens anyone who stands in his way of getting payback on the person he is jealous of.He lacks the kindness,comicality,goffyness.He is way more serious and doesnt understand jokes on him and still doesnt understand sarcasm.He preffers violence and force to solve his problems.And while Mike he has a extremly big desrespect for anyone that is smaller and weaker than him.And doesnt want farm animals.which was applyd the first time Mike came out he saw the rat and horse that Adam had  and says "how come we have this dumb animal in the lab and this desease spreading thing in my capsule"he still posseses all of Adams traits like his bravery.Mike still posseses all of Adams powers and skills and is one of the primary things he uses to get payback like in the first episode Mike came out he shot eddy with his heat vision.Beacuse of his super strength he has a very high chance of hurting the person that he is jelaous of beacuse if his powers are his primary tool to get payback while Mike he could rip of that persons arm.And when Mike he also lacks inhibition so he seems stronger while Mike than while Adam.Beacuse if Chase when pushed to the limits teras metal like paper than adam even when not on his limits can smash an asteroid and is also the strongest person on  the world  what if his angry and uses his powers to his limits he could knock a skyscraper on the ground.              


  •  Mikes voice deapens a little bit                                                                    
  • he has adams face when he shoots heat vision beacuse when he shoots heat vision his angry.