Is Tasha davenport new husband in the Timeskip storyline.He is played by Will forte and is 40 years old and is Leo dooley's second step dad. 

Personality Edit

He is very mysterious is part of his act and likes to scare people the first time he stepped in he said its dinner time and had a cannibal mask on impliying that he was gonna kill and eat Leo then he took the mask of and laughed.He is a kindhearted man and calls Leo "Kiddo" in a episode he revealed he was a secret agent for the FBI,CIA and NSA he is very good at martial arts he is strong enough to brake a board woth his hands and can defeat Donald adam bree and Chase in 5 minutes.   


  • Martial arts:He is very good at martial arts he colud beat the lab rats and donald in hand to hand in 5 minutes.
  • Strength:He can break a board with his hands.
  • Charm:He has a charm that people fall for him.