Is a army under Matt's  regime as Principal.


  • Quarterbacks and Captain are the football team and now Matt's army.They usually go weggeing people under his commands and are specialy trained in martial arts when in need of physical force.It was shown when Adam,Bree and Chase rebelled against Matt   he sent 5 players to deal with Chase and since he can't use bionics in public and they are trained in martial arts they overpowered him and stuffed him in a locker.
  • Jocks are the lower level players which often go picking on people and rebells who rebell when shown principal perry tryed to get the school back the 3 jocks beat her with ease when Chase who is bionic as spike couldn't beat her.  

In one episode Matt will lose and principal perry will be back in charge and he will mindcontrol her to not expell him.And he will reveal why he dictated the school.