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the symbol for M.C.N.S.A

The M.C.N.S.A acronym is Mission Creek National Security Agency. is a special militiary unit that was established by Jeff Nelson also known as agent 6 he  established the M.C.N.S.A to counter attack was was wieved as a threat to mission creek BIONICS!. 


History Edit

The M.C.N.S.A was established in the Timeskip storyline when in bionic showdown Douglas said that all of his customers were dictators and madmen well in the timeskip storyline a mysterious figure came to douglas and beacuse Douglas is so good at manipulating people agent 6 got intel that bionics where a threat.But the intel he got was that bionics were meant to be cyber soldiers and the bionics only ones on the map were Adam,Bree and Chase they didnt know about Jason Jane and Cameron so they wanted to destroy them and since Douglas failed he used Agent 6.And beacuse agent 6's career and job was on the line he knew that the only person who know about adam,Bree and Chase is Douglas and Agent 6 told him that he established the agency to combat bionics beacuse how could a normal person combat a super strong human and with the help of M.C.N.S.A they could but even they needed help from Douglas gave him the info about all three of them and some of their powers and that they get their powers from chips inplanted in their necks if the signal from the chips is blocked their lose them.A new threat is coming to Bionics.   


  • Agent 6 (real name:Jeff nelson)-Leader and founder
  • Michael Hannington(Formerly)-Had no part in the evolution of combat against Bionics. 
  • Douglas Davenport also known as The Black Agent-an ally that is manipulating the M.C.N.S.A to get revenge and defeat and destroy the Lab Rats

The WatchEdit

The Watch is a independent branch of the  M.C.N.S.A   that was created for secret intel and information that is unknown to the public.


Its an independent branch of the M.C.N.S.A.It was established by Baron Brenner to give the field agents of the M.C.N.S.A secret information not even the president knows about.Its one of the best intelligence gathering agency's in the world. 


  • Baron Brenner codename:Agent V-Leader and Founder
  • Amanda codename:Agent 8-Second in command.