The team gets info from a source (Douglas) that a long lost bionic and adam bree and chase's brother is now living in California since its summer vacation they go to look for him but he has a grudge against the davenports.


Donald and the team get info that their long lost brother and bionic Jack is alive and lives in California.But the source is Douglas they thing its a lie so they would go to California and he would invade their lab and steal top secret info sceptical Donald says thei shouldnt go but Adam,Bree and Chase dont remember having a nother brother but in the end they go.They bump into him at the beach he invites them over to his place he is happy to see his family.But Leo asks if he is bionic and Jack gives him a stare that could kill and says that he deactivated his bionics years ago its late and they go home.The next day on the news is theirs been a robery at California museum and they investigate at night on patrol they found a burglar and its Jack he flies and its a all out chase through the streets and rooftops at the end of the chase they fight but Jack is easily beaten by Chase he is rusty beacuse when his bionics were deactivated he stoped training martial arts at the end they set the score and Jack no longer has a grudge against them.They invite him to the team but he declines he says that the reason he deactivated his bionics was that he wanted to get away from bionic life and wanted to be  normal.   

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