Lillian is another bionic. But she is also a witch. 

Lillian Cathrine Marie Von Helson III
Some attributes
First Lillian Cathrine Von Helson II
Second Naturally stark red curly hair, but she uses her powers to make it straight black, sky blue eyes. 5'5" height
Third She is 15.
Other attributes
Fourth Lillian Cassidy Von Helson II (mother)

Seth Riley and Jackson Noah Von Helson (Older Twin brothers)

Fifth Love Intrest: Chase
Sixth Friends: Adam, Bree, Chase, Donald and Marcus

Enemies: Trent and Danielle and her Commando App, Kylie.

Lillain was born in Tucson, Arizona, but shortly after her family had to move near Salem, Oregon since a few people that weren't supposed to found about their powers and some didn't accept them. Then when she was about 11 she got into that car accident which led to implantation of her chip. She had to move again after years in Salem, this time because one of her parents got a job transfer. So now she's near Mission Creek.


  • ​Super Smarts- She has the Same powers as Chase.
  • Freeze Vision- The opposite of Adam's heat vision
  • Commando App- Like Chase she a commando App, Kylie. Who she hates, but Kylie Loves Spike
  • Shape Shifting- She can shapeshift into different animals, her favortie being a cat.
  • Electricity contol- She can do this with both her with powers and Bionics.

Witch Powers

  • Element control- Her main witch power, enhanced by chemical exposure.
  • She can change her appearance
  • Many other powers, but she is still learning magic.

Not sure who would play her.