This is the lab rats Movie and the running time is 2 hours (without commercials)

The episode starts with Davenport who gets a message from a college that fishy things have been happening

in a secret underground tomb thats protected by a mysterous wall like sound coming out of it.

Davenport Inmediatly recruits the rats and takes them to Cairo where davenports collegae takes them to the tomb.

While investigating the wall chase finds out that they need 2 jewels to open up the wall and finds a clue wich takes them to an museum that holds the stones.

Davenport suggests that they come back at night to burrow the jewels, leaving a big pile of cash behind for the troubles.

Back at the wall they open it up and they start exploring the tunnels witch are stuffed with boobytraps.

Almost at the main chamber Bree says that someone lives around here and shows the others some blueprints she found.

when they finally enter the chamber they are suprised to see that there is no tomb but some sort of lab with all sorts of computer screens and somewhere in a corner they find davenports exoskeleton.

the rats look to davenport who doesnt know how it got there.

Then:'' well well well, if it isnt mr. Davenport. I new you would come''.

''Marcus''??? davenport asks. '' How......?''

''you really havent noticed something....... something missing'' Marcus says.

''the exo''?

''yeah, not what i was talking about, i was however talking about a family member, one who despices you all, one who finally found someone who knows his potential''.

Davenport did'nt had to think very long.

''is he talking about tasha because i havent seen her in like a day'' Adam says.

''Tasha is with Rose, mr. davenport told us this morning'' Chase replied.

''yeah she better watch out the most, he doesnt like her one bit, infact he wants to destroy her, but now that you guys are here you will once again just stand in his and my way so i have to take you all out to''

''NO''! a loud voice yelled. ''my software patch is uploaded, i'm the one who will destroy them... i guess im done with you''

''wait what?'' Marcus said." what are you doing''?

''you heard me''

Marcus turned around and looked at the Davenports.

''Go''! he said. ''i may not have the power to stop him anymore but i can atleat give you guys a head start''

Davenport looked at him, sighed, and said:''No, we will do this togheter, i had a conversation a long time a go and it learned me that everybody deserves a second chance''

''Me To Donny?'' Said the voice inside the exo.

''Nice Try'' davenport says.

''i didnt think so.

Davenports, prepare to meet your doom''!!!!!!!!

Fade out (end of part one)