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Jason Dolley as Jason

Gender male
Age 17
Height: 6'5
Nationality: American
Hometown: Mission Creek,IL
Professional Information
  Douglas,Evil lab rats
Friends and Family
 Jason is the oldest member of Evil lab rats which was created by Douglas davenport.He has super strength.He has a younger sister Jane and a baby brother Cameron.He is 1 year older than Jane and 2 years older than Cameron.He is 17 years old.He is Adams evil counterpart. He is portrayed by Jason dooley.     


He is Adams counterpart. While Adam is fun loving guffy and comical, Jason is serious but also dim-witted like Adam. He has super strength. He has a little sister Jane and baby brother Cameron. He also has a nasty temper but only when people call him "dumb" and "stupid". But the evil lab rats don't glitch.Which he has a disenvantage over Adam and Jason are the same strength but Adam and Jason have different abilities except primary and hidden but also can have few of the same.He like Adam, will stand up for his sibling even for Douglas.If Donald would atack Douglas with a laser, Jason would have no problem super strength punching him.    

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super strength:Jason like Adam is abnormally powerful even for a bionic he can effortlessly lift a another person smash a asteroid to ruble with one punch and bust through walls he and Adam are the same strength Jason beat Adam beacuse Douglas cheated.   
  • Freeze vision:Its the opposite of Adams heat vision which in colour is blue and looks like cold steam coming out of his eyes and is enough to make ice.Its strong enough to kill a person beacuse it can decrease a person temperature to that a persons blood freezes and the person dies.
  • Super durability:Jason is very resilient to damage and can withstand massive amounts of damage.Lasers that would normaly kill a person only stun him.
  • Plasma grenades:Can shoot blue balls of electricity from his hands.
  •  Martial arts:Jason is very skilled in hand to hand combat possibly better than Adam.
  • Bionic energy blast:Jason can release a blast of energy knocking anyone in its way out.
  • Plasma blast:Jason can generate plasma grenades in his hand then absorbing them back in and then releasing a plasma blast that stuns anyone and fryes anything for several hours.Its extremely powerful it can stun Adam,Bree and Chase for hours making them unable to fight.  


  • In the second face of Jason uses his plasma blast in the late begining  and the Lab Rats are stunned a long time beacuse the stun from Jasons plasma blast lasts 5 hours.  
  • Jason calls Adam Cool guy beacuse he has a horse.Implying that he wants a horse too.
  • Adam calls Jason Big bad weakling.
  • Jason calls Chase Little weak nerd.but he spells it:Little wieak nerd.