Bionic-"Bionic Hulk" hybrid is a cross between those to species the first known hybrid is Aaron.Making him the strongest person in the world.


If a bionic in this case a bionic clone takes a beast serum the same thing used on Jeremy Blainton.Results in a hybrid.

Powers and Abilities

A hybrid is stronger than any original,bionic,android beasts and enhanced bionics.

  • Superhuman Strength:He is the strongest person in the world his strength surpassing those of all the evil and good lab rats even Matt and Marcus and Grant couldn't beat him.
  • Superhuman Speed:He is the fastest person in the world.He can move so fast time is frozen to him and he doesn't appear as a blur but dissappears and then appears.
  •  Superhuman Intelligence:He is the smartest person in the world.
  • Superhuman Durability:He is the most durable person on the planet.
  • Electricity generation:He can generate electricity from his body making him untuchable.
  • Bionic Healing:The same ability as all the original clones.
  • Stuning:He can stun people just by touching their foreheads.
  • Immunity:He is immune to plasma grenades,Lasers,bionic energy blasts ,lightning,Shatter blasts.
  • Semi-Power Negation:He can negate powers remotely just by thinking about it he negated Chase's Molecularkinesis.
  • Agression Enhancment:He is stronger just by getting angrier.He is stronger than anybody on the planet by a mass-scale advantage,If he is angry he is the strongest person in the solar system.