Its the second episode of the Timeskip storyline.


Its revealed what the shocking event is the person who ordered the arest and everything is Douglas he's back and that was his plan.Everyone decides that they should get back together and end this ounce and for all.When Douglas realized that you would never join him and that he has  Jason Jane and Cameron he saw and opportunity  to tear us apart and Jason Jane and Cameron would obey him even if that ment renting his children out to the highest bitter.Adam Bree and Chase and Tasha get a text from Donald and meet him in his house they get back together and the unit called Lab Rats gets back together and has a new member Michael is their info gives them the advantage beacuse he has a license in spying they got an an edge over Douglas.And they are taking the fight to Douglas he better know whats coming to him are the lines that Donald said before the video ended.  

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