Season 5

501:Marcus's Revenge

502;Unexpected Inspection

503:Will You Train Tasha

504:Paradise Island

505;Bionic Boyfriend Intruder

506:Spike the Computer Virus

507:Missed Missons

508:Midnight Walker

509:Bionic Olympics part 1

510:Bionic Olympics part 2

511:Electric Soldier

512:Merry Christmas



515: A Big Bionic Secret

516:The Battle of Math

517:Bionics Talent Show

518:Bionic birthday party

519:Bionic Prison

52-Ultimate Bionic Throwdown

521;U.B.D.V. (ultimate bionic digital virus) part 1

522:U.B.D.V. (ultimate bionic digital virus) part 2

523:A New Reality

Season 6

601:A world without you

602:A new ability

603:Where is Tasha

604:And then the team break apart


606:Secret revealed

607:A is for A-L-I-V-E

608:Taken by the Aliens part 1

609:Taken by the Aliens part 2

610:Taken by the Aliens part 3

611:Hush Bree

612:Never let me go

613:True lies

614:I don't want to be Bionic anymore

615:Ivisible hero

616:The last Alien

617:Behind the walls

618:Did you miss me

619:Burn this

620:Enemy of the state

621:Too many dates

622:Power stolen

623:Tasha's deaded

624:Hush Hush sweet hero's part 1

625:Hush Hush sweet hero's part 2