Lab rats exoskeleton vs grandma part1

Lab rats exoskeleton vs grandma part1

Prenos 1h

Exoskeleton firing a laser

Is a high-tech powered suit.It has multiple abilities.It has ben created by many people.

Known ExoskeletonsEdit

  • Donald Davenport:Created a exoskeleton but it was a prototype so far it had super strength and it could shoot blue lasers.
  • Dr.Evans:Created a full exoskeleton a superior to Donalds prototype.It was emproved to withstand any bionic threat.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Super Strength:It broke a table with a karate chop.It lifted donald with no problem
  • Lasers:It could shoot lasers from its hands.The lasers were blue.


This one was emproved to withstand any bionic threat.Meaning bionics were no match for it.

  • Super Strength:It matched Adam and throved him into a plasma cube with just a push.
  • Super Speed:It can match Bree,But bree is faster,Though it can still surpass bullet trains.
  • Enhanced Intelligence:It has intelligence,higher than a normal person.
  • Centrifical Force Field:It can create a force field that if touched by any object or person it would start to spin them around the force field and then repulse back.
  •  Enhanced Super Durability:It has shown signs of increased durability being shot by adam's (can't remeber the name) balst and was only hot and scratched.
  • Laser Blasts:It can shoot lasers.

NOTE**:This Dr.Evans's version is a Exoskeleton #1.So there are more powerful suits being created.