This is the universe where leo was transported in Paralel universe.It will be the main course in the pree season 3.  


In this universe Leo has Bionics Adam Bree and Chase are not davenport but henderson and don't have bionics Principal Perry is nice and her favorite is Leo.They have a goarmae caffeteria Tasha is the bilion scientis and is Tasha technologies instead of davenport industries Donad is Tasha's not self confident nerdy assistant.And Gordon is from an goverment agency instead of being head of Donald's corporate security.   


  • Adam Henderson:is Paralel universe Adam.He is smart and phylosophial and spiritual.
  • Bree(Pronounced bre):She as Leo describes her a shallow mall rat and mean.
  • Chase Henderson:Is dumb and a jock instead of Trent.
  • Donald Davenport:Is nerdy and not self confident also Tasha's assistent.
  • Tasha Dooley:She is not married to Donald and is head of Tasha Technologies and  Bilionaire.
  • Principal Perry:She is nice and sunshiny expecialy to Leo.
  • Gordon:He is from an agency(that i do not know how to spell)and is an anatagonist.

Things will not go as in the regular universe and some episodes are diffrent some haven't even happend.It will be the main course of action.Like the Bionic Showdown never happend beacuse Donald is not related to adam bree and chase.And Speed Traped hasn't happend beacuse Donald hasn't created the super car.Number of episodes not known.