Eddy is the davenports smart-home system he controls the davenports house like lights,doors other electrical things.He is one of davenports inventions. 


He is very sarcastic and dislikes most of the people in the house excpt for donald davenport.His body is made of the letters that make up his name E-the body,the two Ds-his eyes,and Y-his suit.In episode "Missin the mission" davenport made Eddy a body which in the end of the epiosde was destroyed and donald and leo say they wrent even trying to make it again.


  • He sometimes refers to Davenport as 'Daddy' but Davenport finds it weird.
  • He likes playing dodgeball with Davenport.
  • He likes to cheat while playing dodgeball with Davenport.
  • He acts like he doesn't care for anyone but Davenport.
  • He has a crush on another one of Davenport's computer robots named Edie.
  • Everyone Calls Him Creepy.
  •   Chase thinks it would take years to shut him down but Adam does it in seconds.
  • Eddie doesn't like anyone of the Davenports but Donald Davenport (his creator).
  • Thinks Marcus (Mateus Ward) is cool.
  • He hates Tasha the most out of all the Davenports because he thinks that Donald doesn't have any time for him since she moved in.