Whats that.Punk I'm gonna rip of your arms and use them as chop sticks.
— Brock to a jock-Criminal Chase

Its the next episode of  EndGame.That announces season three.  


Chase gets into trouble when his personality was Brock.Brock steals thing vandalizes the school and beats up other students.Then when back as Chase suprised and shocked they are sending him to Mission Creek Juvinail Facility.Are Davenport Tasha Eddy Adam Bree and Leo going to let Chase go with out a fight.   

Main CastEdit

Spencer Boldman as Adam

Kelli Berglund as Bree

Billy Unger as Chase/Brock

Hal Sparks as Donald

Angel Parker as Tasha

Reccuring CastEdit

Will Forte as Eddy

Maile Flanagan as Principal Perry

Steve Valentine(voice for Brock)