Agent Code:109 Is a spin-off show of The Disney XD show Lab Rats.


Its about agents nicknamed "109" and they are trained by their father.But also a twist is that they do not have super powers but high-tech equpment.


Jason Dooley the actor that played Aaron Stone.

As Sean Lambert

Tyler Jackson Wiliams the actor that played Leo Dooley from the future.

As Leo Lambert

Claire Holt the actor who plays Rebekah Mikaelson on the vampire diaries.

As Lesile Lambert

David Campbell as Stephen Lambert.

Sean-The Oldest brother,but the dumbest he is the "Brawns"

Leo Lambert-The second oldest,smartest but the weakest he is the "Brains"

Lesile Lambert-The youngest,but the best athlete and the fastest she is the "Hustle"

Stephen Lambert-Father,trainer,The leader of the High-Tech Division,In an goverment agency called S.H.E.I.C.